Tulip - handles and hooks

Handles are the jewellery of furniture and their appropriate selection completes the overall impression of an interior or of individual pieces of furniture. For that reason we pay special attention to the selection of design and materials.Despite the latest design trends of systems without handles, we can already see a tendency to move away from so-called push systems, which are favoured by lovers of minimalism and we are witnessing a revival in the use of fixtures.

Once again, most furniture is designed with handles which help underline the furniture´s style or are directly its decorative element.As a precursor to this trend there has been an increase in the popularity of small recessed handles or aluminium edge banding handles, which are milled flush with the surface of doors and thereby do not compromise the clean frontal surfaces of furniture.

The collection presented under the Tulip brand is a diverse palette intended for customers who love handles. This collection offers not only classical handles for subtle interiors, but enthusiasts of traditional designs with a touch of romance can choose handles in a rustic style, and fans of contemporary design will also be delighted by handles combining ground and brushed surfaces with smooth or matte metal – shown at the beginning of the brochure.